Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family, Friends, Ice Cream & Hoodoos

We left Idaho and moved on to Utah where we were reunited with more friends and family. The big highlight of the trip was meeting our new cousin/nephew, Noah. John's sister's family recently returned from China, where they adopted him. We loved getting to spend some one-on-one time with him, getting to know his playful personality. Other Utah highlights include:

*Morning jog on the Cougar Campus
*Movies 8 with Henries
*Hooking up with old roomies (so sad I didn't take pictures!)
*Hangin out at B&L's
*BBQ with family & friends
*Late night Settlers with the Riries
*Stroll around the BYU botany pond
*Provo shopping
*Thanksgiving Point & Iceberg
*Henries Drive-In in Panguitch
*Bryce Canyon

1 comment:

Hess Fam said...

that iceberg looks really good. I miss that place.